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Kell: Nike Run The One Korver. Caldwell - Air Jordan 10 probe. Nike Kyrie - Reggie Jackson 1 Dwayne. Wade - LI-NING WOW 3 PE Manu. Ginobili - Nike Kobe 9 EM Berry Nellie: Nike Hyperdunk 2013 Paul George - Nike Kobe X Joe Johnson - Jordan Melo M11 X Nike Kyrie 1. Thaddeus young, "BHM" Blake Griffin - Jordan Super.Fly 3 PE Stephen - Under Armour Curry 1 Curitiba. PE Chris. Paul - Jordan CP3.VIII PE Klein Thompson - Nike Hyperdunk 2014nike-hyperfuse-aqua-turkey-basketball-shoes-7.jpg (79.48 KB, download number: 1) download attachments saved to the album 2010-4-7 10:28 upload The Hyperfuse is one of nike-hyperfuse-aqua-turkey-basketball-shoes-01.jpg (64.5 KB, download number: 1) download &〉0.jpg (34.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-11 14:31 upload 1.jpg (29.85 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-11 14:31 upload 2.jpg (28.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-11 upload 14:31 3.jpg (25.6 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-10-11 14:31 upload Nike, private : produces 10 thousand pairs of shoes a day, with annual sales of $about 20000000. China brother footwear (Egypt) Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as brothers) by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt again, now "brother" brand in Egypt is known to every family, every 10 adults and one brother through the shoes. "brothers" to the origin story of Egypt in May 2001, when the company chairman Li Chuanfa happened to see on the Internet to Egypt, where not only cheap labor, huge market potential, and into Africa and the Middle East market natural springboard. He immediately bought plane tickets and headed straight for Cairo, Egypt's capital. After 5 days of inspection, Li Chuanfa finalized: "in Egypt shoes factory."." brothers has been rooted in Egypt for 6 years, is now ready to move to the new fac Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale tory rented from the purchase of the factory. "why choose Egypt?" In Egypt, 5 year old brother company general manager Yang Zhongda told reporters: "first of all, production costs are appropriate.". Land, water and gasoline are relatively cheap, and the average wage is not high, in the 400-500 Le (between $1 about 1.4 yuan). "in the country has not what profit space, must break into new markets," Yang Zhongda told reporters, "we at first to Europe, but the anti-dumping cases increasing every year, increasingly harsh technical requirements, the market is gradually shrinking." And Africa is our destination for shifting production capacity." Yang Zhongda admits. brothers in the domestic production of semi-finished products, and then exported to Egypt (compared with the finished shoes can reduce tariffs), semi-finished products made of finished shoes in Egypt (compared with the brothers factory products are exported directly to avoid anti-dumping penalties), and then through the local vendors in the local market the cost is greatly reduced. on the springboard" After the Michael Jordan Air Jordan Retro in their Hornets PE shoes, the son of Wang also took the baton, show the other two models have not yet released Sample version of Air Jordan shoes for everyone. Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared and Air Jordan 11 Legend Blue is at the end of the upcoming sneakers, as Halloween gifts, believe Marcus Jordan will be more happy to. marcus-jordan-air-jordan-halloween.jpg (111.29 KB, download number: 1) download Marcus Jordan Air Jordan Sample display not sold shoes 2014-11-1 12:08 Michael, upload shoes, Jordan, Legend, Baton 00& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Although US multinationals generally well received by the impact of the US dollar, but the strong the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer and retailer Nike (Nike) performance, fiscal year 2015 Fourth quarter online sales rose 51 percent from a year earlier, the fiscal Cheap jordans online year 2015 the online sales rose 55%. Nike through Nike + platform is open O2O whole channels, to create strong user stickiness sports ecosystem. Domestic, Wanda is accelerating the layout of the sports industry, this year will acquire three sports enterprises, aims to become the world's first sports industry. Recently, the British advertising giant WWP Company reported 2015 global apparel brand value ranking, according to the published financial reports of enterprises and brand consumers do question survey and other indicators, Nike is still the continuation of last year's winning score, 2015 Nike brand value of $ 29.717 billion, an increase of 21 percent over the previous year. It billion euros net understand, Nike's predecessor Blue Ribbon Sports was established in January 25, 1964, is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with the exception of the same name brand outside, Nike also owns and operates Nike Golf, Nike Pro, Nike +, Air Jordan, Nike Blazers, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk, Air Max, Foamposite, Nike Skateboarding and sub-brands Brand Jordan, Hurley International and Converse. online sales topped $ 1 billion For Nike, the 2015 fiscal year was a year of great breakthrough, moving side traffic over the PC side, online sales over $ 1 billion for the first time. Nike sports brand has been the application of technology advocate and leader. In the field of digital and all-channel retail, Nike also maintained an industry leader gesture. In North America, Nike has three main retail channels: A brand experience store. Merchandise at full price sales, customer perception Nike brand strength and the ultimate sports experience in brand experience stores, access to the most cutting-edge technologies, products and services, the brand experience store also set a different campaign themes running, football, basketball. two, Nike will be its official website positioned to expand the network collaboration services, to provide a more convenient shopping experience Retro jordans for sale channels. None wants to buy goods in physical stores inside, you can search directly through the official website linked to the United States in any store to view inventory, and finally get free delivery of services through these purchasing channels, in collaboration with a combination of online and offline services to meet the needs of more buyers in order to achieve a more user-friendly and convenient shopping experience. Third, Nike Factory Store. Factory shop is a discount brand, in the image, goods, price, service has its own characteristics, which the superiority up prices to attract customers to its Fuji magic. Nike factory store discount, generally about 3.5-fold winter models in spring and autumn discounts at about 4 fold, summer discounts in about 3 fold. Internet Retailer published in 2015 Internet Retailer 500, Nike ranked No. 61. As of the 2015 annual financial report of May 21: ?? online sales reached $ 1.19 billion, an increase of 55.1%; ?? total revenue reached $ 30.6 billion, compared with the 2014 fiscal year $ 27.79 billion, up 10.1%; Retail sales ?? from online and offline sources from double the $ 5.3 billion in 2014 rose to $ 6.63 billion, an increase of 25.1%; ?? online sales accounted for 3.9%, compared with 2.8% the previous year, showing an upward trend; ?? net profit rose from $ 2.69 billion in 2014 to $ 3.27 billion, an increase of 21.6%. It seems from the earnings, Nike online performance has not been the summer downturn stronger dollar and clothing retailing. This is also the Nike always attached importance to the whole channel ecosystem to build effective campaign, Nike think digital is the innovation of the engine, its digital strategy aims to create a movement of ecosystems, including the main aspects are: consumer interaction, e-commerce, and science and technology products. Nike + built O2O ecological platform 2013 ?? 11 ?? 11 ??, Nike launched the micro-channel running target population for public services account Nike + Run Cheap air jordans for sale Club, which is just a part of the Nike + online community in China. Billion euros net after article "Nike O2O essence: data and guide social consumption": 2010 launch for mobile applications running sport Nike + Running; 2011, the cooperation with TomTom has introduced a sports watch with a GPS positioning function last year, Nike even launched a wearable device - Sports wristband Fuelband, 2014 October further released the second generation of products --Fuelband SE, which also marks the Fuelband been incorporated into the Nike line of conventional products; early November 2014, Nike iPhone 5s for the daily activities in a dynamic co-processor built M7 recording applications tailored Nike + Move has officially landed App Store. On the other hand, Nike in China's first line of women's experience stores, in December 2014 in Shanghai iAPM mall opened a mysterious veil. In fact, the first woman to experience the store like a women's sports club, covers an area of ??420 square meters, in addition to providing about 100 models of sports products, the store also installed the mainland's first Nike + gait analysis system. Experience store will be invited from time to time fitness instructor, health professionals and private sports style consultant interact with consumers. ecological core platform O2O Nike + structures is the use of mobile Internet and other new technologies, the formation of online and offline interactive consumption. By analyzing the exercise habits and brand the user location information can only be precision marketing, but also to understand the actual needs of users, design more in line with user needs sports products. For super Wanda Nike, the global sports industry leader do Wind statistics show that the global sports industry in 2013, an increase of nearly $ 900 billion, of which the United States accounted for nearly half of the sports industry, the annual growth of 450 billion US dollars, accounting for 2.93% of GDP in the United States in 2103, the sp Cheap foamposites for sale orts industry has It became one of America's top ten economic pillar industries. In contrast, in 2013 China's sports industry increased by only $ 50 billion, representing approximately 0.56% of GDP, China's sports industry is still in its infancy. December 19, 2014, "the State Council on Accelerating the development of sports industry to promote the views of sports consumption," formally issued, noting that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry will be more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote sustained economic and social development has become an important force. 2015 in January to 44.98 million euros Wanda acquire a 20% stake in Atletico Madrid; in February 2015, and led to 100% of the shares ? 1 billion acquisition ???? Sports Media Group, Infront is the world's second Great sports marketing company, is one of the sports media production and broadcast company the world's largest. Through the above two acquisitions, Wanda realized the control of global sports industry upstream industry resources. In addition, Wanda also revealed that the three sports will continue to mergers and acquisitions business this year, it is important that these acquisitions can sport the company's sports ground in China, because of the huge potential of the Chinese sports market scale. In fact, in addition to Wang Jianlin, Wanda want to seize the sports industry market, the layout of China's sports industry heavyweights as well as Xu Jiayin, Ma and other. Nike use of mobile Internet technology, with Nike + O2O ecological platform to build a public abreast of trends and its competitiveness with a strong brand, to achieve full channel-than-expected growth in online and offline, it can continue to occupy the market share. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)0.jpg (48.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-17 upload at 15:31 in terms of war, "ruse de Guerre" or "False Flag" cheap foamposites for deceptive tactics. On the streets of Losangeles before the Asics to create Undefeated brand for this season, a pair of new shoes in the joint, the brand's classic shoes Gel Lyte V blueprint for the design, the body is made of high quality leather shoes to create black, orange collocation shoe body overall color rendering, also used to add orange lining, grey midsole with black ink point modification. The overall style has a street atmosphere, and retains the classic contour to ensure that the movement of shoes is not lost. 1.jpg (108.06 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-17 upload at 15:31 2.jpg (109.58 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-17 upload at 15:31 3.jpg (63.96 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-17 upload at 15:31 4.jpg (98.59 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-17 upload at 15:310.jpg (163.77 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-21 upload at 10:24 1.jpg (57.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-21 upload at 10:24Chinese shoes Network March 17 hearing, the Hong Kong stock market after successfully raised HK $ 1.7 billion, recently, Pick was awarded a huge two billion credit from China Construction Bank's capital strength has been greatly enhanced. According to the report disclosed yesterday show Pick, 2009, Peak sales amount of 3.095 billion yuan, an increase of 51.6%; net profit growth of 67.1%, up 628 million yuan, and its excellent ability to resist risks and profitability, has earned tuned for more capital. net profit growth of nearly 7 percent & nbsp; Yesterday, Olympic sports disclosure of the first annual report since its listing in Hong Kong. Annual Report, 2009, Pick turnover grew 51.6%, reaching 3.095 billion yuan, gross margin rose from 4.8 to 37.5 percent; basic earnings per share were RMB 36 points. Olympic sports Mr. Xu Zhihua, CEO a Cheap foamposites for sale nd executive director, said the 2009 global still in the "post-crisis era," the haze, the successful Olympic sports market, both the Chinese government to expand domestic demand, the timely introduction of economic beneficiaries of the stimulus package, but also insist on their years of Olympic strong support professional and international development strategy for the development of the sports industry as a whole, also had a positive role in promoting. & nbsp; According to the analysis, China's second and third-tier cities due to the "consumer upgrade" the market created a lot of miracles, has become the driving force of growth in recent years, Olympic sports and a huge guarantee continued growth in the future. re 2 billion credit & nbsp; March 12, China Construction Bank branch in Fujian Peak Group and signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the spring, the two sides reached a strategic partnership . Fujian Branch of China Construction Bank said it would provide intentionality Peak Group 2 billion yuan line of credit for the business development. Analysis of the industry, such a huge amount of credit for the development of the Olympic, the impact as much as listed in Hong Kong. Fujian Branch of China Construction Bank, the official said, the intention of this huge bank's credit, and has been actively Pick solid performance in the capital market are inseparable, its excellent anti-risk capability and profitability , won the financial support of its banks, which in turn will further realize its objective of brand building, channel development, product development and upgrading, etc. of the capital to create a good environment. It is understood that China's Quanzhou gathering local sports brand in the majority. Industry experts, China's sports industry has a good market prospect, at present, the output value of the domestic campaign only to 0.3% GDP, while in developed countries this figure reached 3% to 5%, a broad market space is evident. Plus the whole positive and healthy development trend of industrial enterprises, so that became the capital of Quanzhou pursued land. pushing diversification Xu Zhihua said that 2009 is the year of harvest of the Olympic tournament in branding and marketing on. With the world of high-end events Peak Hold NBA and FIBA ??gold resource advantages, and actively to the international basketball culture into China, the Olympic brand is deeply engraved basketball professional international brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; According to reports, in 2009, the Olympic spokesperson Adds four well-known NBA players, so the number of players rose to speak Peak Team 11, increasing brand awareness. Recently Peak has signed a cooperation agreement with the New Zealand Olympic Committee, the 2010 Commonwealth Games, 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to provide equipment for the New Zealand team. & nbsp; After the terminal building, despite the economic situation is not optimistic, but Olympic success to obtain financing, the rapid acceleration of the expansion, success in China, second-tier market, currently has more than 6200 sales outlets. Peak sales director Lin Bilian said 2010 will be the Olympic brand into every city across the country, plans in 2010 to about 1,000 additional sales outlets and 100 basketball supplies stores. Take the "intentions of deep second and third tier, strategies to capture first-tier cities," the strategy to further expand market coverage, with the successful promotion in basketball, the Olympic experience will be used in running, badminton, soccer and other fields, promote the brand diversification strategic development. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; ?? Glossary & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; credit, in industry jargon meaning that banks based on the borrower's credit and economic conditions, grant within their credit limit certain period. Within the time limit and the amount of credit, the borrower according to their financial requirements, simplify procedures accordingly, for single credit business.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Reporters learned yesterday, following the August this year, sports giant Adidas again lowered its full-year earnings outlook. Insiders said that the annual report is expected to cut twice, so that the market for Adidas performance is very disappointing. Adidas said twice lowered performance expectations because of the depreciation of the euro exchange rate against the currencies of some countries. Investment Advisor in light industry researcher Zhu Qing Hua pointed out that Adidas twice lowered full-year forecast results reflect the market environment is deteriorating, more negative factors in the increase in company earnings growth will gradually slow down. lowered expectations According to reports, Adidas full-year operating margin from the previous forecast of 9% down to 8.5%, the Group expects net profit of 820 million -8.5 million euros, 890 million more than previously expected -9.2 one hundred million euros to reduce 7,000 million euros. This time is not the first cut earnings forecasts. In early August, Adidas announced second-quarter earnings pointed out that the negative impact of exchange rates, in particular the Group, the world's fourth-largest market in Japan currency devaluation, sales have reduced. For this reason, it is expected without considering the case of exchange rate fluctuations, sales in 2013 will increase the number of units to the low level of the number of units. On 2012 annual results released data at the beginning of this year, Adidas also predicted that 2013 group sales will remain moderate single-digit growth. However, the distance between this prediction seems more and more distant. In addition, adidas 2013 mid-year report shows that in the first half, the company reported net sales fell 3 percent, of which, 12 quarter sales were down 2%, 3.8%. In the first half, except for the Greater China region and Latin America, Adidas in other regions of the world sales are different degrees of decline. Calculated according to the exchange rate unchanged, Greater China sales revenue growth of 6% in the first half, well below the 19% growth rate a year earlier. weak market Zhu Qing Hua told reporters that, in the global market, the Latin American market and the Greater China region for Adidas largest contribution to the performance, but recent sales in the Greater China region is slowing. "Meanwhile, Argentine peso, Turkish lira, Japanese yen and Australian dollar and other gradual weakening of the euro, which gave Adidas a negative impact on performance." In Zhu Qing Hua opinion, a sluggish business climate and the increasingly fierce market competition is the main reason for its growth performance in China slowdown. On the one hand, under the pressure of high inventory, domestic sports brands are trying discounts by way of accelerated destocking, which gives Adidas the formation of large competitive pressure; on the other hand, the domestic rise and development of fast fashion Adidas also nibble market. a do clothing business market participants pointed out, whether it is foreign brands or domestic brands, markets are in a difficult situation to inventory. At the same time, the domestic sports apparel brand businesses insufficient differentiation, positioning fuzzy, but also an important cause of the current industry downturn. The official pointed out, because the Chinese market is changing, Adi to save "tide", must remain on the product launch activity. However, Zhu Qing Hua believes that compared to domestic sportswear brands Adidas, Nike and other international giants a good brand image, market positioning highlight, while good at different operations, with strong market competitiveness. A second-tier cities in the country, foreign giants have retaken the initiative. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Apparel IT & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)